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Various lightning storms
Milton DE 8.12.17Milton DE 8.12.17OCNJ 6.19.17EHT 4.2.16EHT 4.2.16Jeffers Landing 8.4.15Jeffers Landing 8.4.15Jeffers Landing 8.4.15Parkertown 7.2.14Parkertown 7.2.14Parkertown 7.2.14Parkertown 7.2.14Parkertown 7.2.14Parkertown Close Up 7.2.14Parkertown 7.2.14Somers Point 6.19.14Somers Point 6.19.14Somers Point 6.19.14Somers Point 6.19.14Somers Point 6.19.14

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Mary Karr(non-registered)
I LOVE these images of the Lightening. So how did you catch these? I have yet to be successful. But then, I guess I would have a better chance on the East side of the mountains here in Washington State. :-)
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